Thursday, September 15, 2011

Price Tags

Whenever I go shopping- on the rare occasion that I do- I always seem to be taken aback by the price on all two items that I'm interested in buying. They are normally priced about twice as much as I would even consider ro pay for them. And my taste isn't that grand either- I just want a new item every now and then.

With this in mind, can I just ask why people tend to have this impulse to buy new things when their old things have not yet lost all value? For me, I like surprising myself with something that I would never think of getting. Which is why I am currently in te process of trying to get my chic roommate to go shopping with me and create parts of a better wardrobe.

We like the feeling of new, yet at the moment, the fashion world likes to sell retro stuff. This is how I have been feeling all week. God has been giving me revelation after revelation that it is almost impossible to keep up. But the hilarious part about it is the fact that He is giving me that same words that He has always given me. The only difference between now and then is that now all the words and revelations actually mean something. When he says He finds me funny, I'm outrageous. When He says I'm gorgeous, I'm stunning. And when He says I'm valued, I'm priceless.

Back to the price tag conundrum, everything in stores is marked by a tag. We constantly see these, yet the most important tags are often invisible to us. Our own. If we ever took the time to look at them, we wouldn't find them to be neat little cards, all crisp and clean. Rather they are saturated by blood, dripping the life of Christ. We forget, but God doesn't.

We buy new things to make us feel new and fresh, but as Christians, we are already wearing the best fashion line. We just don't always see it. Notice yours more often.

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  1. Wow! You are insanely profound!! Has anyone ever told you that?! Kris, you are such a wealth of deep thoughts...keep them coming; I'm getting smarter by reading your posts! xoxox