Sunday, September 11, 2011

What really matters

Toronto Canada is a massive city, to me anyway, but itis also one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. Yesterday, my friends and I took a 45 minute trek to the mall and I was floored at how many cultures I could see in one place. I thought it was pretty impressive that I was traveling with a New Yorker, an English, and a Norwegian, but oh was I wrong. Over 200 ethnic origins are respresented in a city of 2.5 million people. New York is a city of 8.1 million and only has only a few dozen.

I walked into a toy store and the teller was from India, I saw at least 5 middle eastern families, Asians, Europeans...whatever nationality you can think of was probably inside that mall! And this revelation hit me: All of these people are under the same roof because they all have a common interest. Obviously they do not agree on everything, but their desire to purchase something for themselves or for their families trumps all hinderances. They can coexist in one place because of a similar desire. If it so easy for them to get along and be civil, why are some churches unable to do as much?

This also presented itself in the IHOP (International House of Prayer...not Pancakes) Toronto unveiling that I attended tonight. There were dozens of nationalities, but instead of bickering about doctrine, predestination, or guessing how many people at that moment were going to Hell, they came together to celebrate their common passion. Jesus.

Jesus' beauty is so overwhelming but oftentimes people are blinded by their own bigotry; trying to decide who is right and who is wrong that they miss the whole point and search aimlessly in the dark for something they want to hold meaning.

Christians do not need to agree with others about every little thing. Jesus is to be the focal point of our existance, everything else is either superfluous or a detail. Rather than condemning others for their opinions, embrace them. Show love. We are to emulate Christ. We are to be little Christ's.

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